*1988 born New York City, raised Houston, Texas 
2011 New York University BFA Studio Art, Art History
2018 StädelSchule Hochschule für Bildkünste (ongoing)
Solo Exhibitions: 
2019 Alphabet CIty, Parker Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2018 Index, Baba Yaga, Hudson, NY
2018 Devotion, False Flag, New York, NY
2015 Grenadine, 247365, New York, NY
Selected Group:
2019 Crop Circles in Carpet (curated by Antonia Lia Orsi) Neu Alte Brucke, Frankfurt am Main, DE
2016 Ghost of Future Past, Present House, ZAX, New York, NY. Two person show with Peter Wilson
2016 Museum Gallery, Ukrainian National Home Dance Hall, New York, NY
2015 I Saw the Earth Broken like a Broken Egg, Christian Berst, New York, NY
2015 Pardon Our Appearance, 247365, New York, NY
2015 Fissure, Fog, SIGNAL curated by Bennet Schlesinger Brooklyn, NY
2014 Make It Work, Sam's Place, Brooklyn, NY 2014, Proanoia, VIOLET'S CAFE, Brooklyn, NY
2014 A sky grown pale from too much sun, curated by Hannah Buonagaro, Brighton Beach, NY
2014 That's the Neighbor, Always Dressing these Boulders in the Yard, Suzanne Geiss Co. curated by Torey Thornton, New York, NY
2013 NPR BAR, Know More Games, Miami, FL
2013 11/16/13, VIOLET’S CAFE. Brooklyn, NY 2012, Warm, Signal, Brooklyn, NY
2013 You and Me and Everyone that is With Me, at Recess Activities, with the Whitney Education Program, New York, NY
2013 Recess Art Education Program in Collaboration with the Whitney Museum of American Art